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“Stick to your knitting!”

Posted by admin November - 19 - 2019 - Tuesday Comments Off on “Stick to your knitting!”

Sorry… I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I was simply focusing on other things! First was my wife. I retired from coaching with the commitment to give my sweet wife the first fruits of my time. She’s always wanted to travel and we missed out on half the year because of football! So, since I retired in 2016 we’ve been to Europe twice (take a Viking river cruise— you’ll love it!) and seen parts of this beautiful country that we wouldn’t have been able to see if I were still coaching.

Those of you who follow this blog will say, “but, Coach, you ARE back coaching!” True! But I told the HC when I took the job as his OC that I would have to miss a game… because of my commitment to my wife! He was fine with it. We went to the Hudson River Valley to enjoy the autumn colors and to see an Army football game! More on that later.

Second commitment has been to our football team. We are now in the Final 4 in our (very competitive) Region and will play an undefeated team this Friday. We have our work cut out for us! But, they’ve never seen the Wing T before… and certainly not the style of Delaware Wing T that we run. Which brings me to my point: “sticking with what you do/know best!”

Our HC is young… in age and experience. But, he is loaded with wisdom. I’ve said before, he is a great leader! He admitted to me yesterday that he has gotten a lot of teasing and… down-right ridicule, because he (we) run this antiquated offense. We need to get hip! We need to “catch up” with everybody else and run the Spread!!! Through it all, he has (maybe) wavered; but, he has not succumbed to the pressure! So proud of him!!!

This antiquated offense, by the way, is averaging 35 points a game and we have 2 RB’s who’ve rushed for over 1000 yards! Plus our Freshman QB has passed for over 800 and 12 TD’s. In many ways, it’s one of the best offenses in the area!

My word to you guys is this: Be a “student of the game.” Learn your craft— study it; grow with it. Be known for something! We are known for running our vaunted Delaware Wing T offense. People laugh at us but… they HATE trying to defense it!!! And don’t succumb to the pressure to change if things aren’t going well at the moment. Instead, find out what’s wrong and try to fix it!

Stick to your knitting!!!


Posted by admin November - 6 - 2019 - Wednesday Comments Off on Playoff-bound

We wrap up our regular season schedule this week with a game with big ramifications for both teams. We are both 7-2. We both lost to the same 2 opponents. And… we’re both playing for a higher seeding in our Division play-off’s! Plus, it’s Homecoming and Senior Night for our guys! This is what you play (and we coach) the game for. Our kids are excited.

Next week will start the play-offs in Virginia. Only the top 8 teams will be playing in our Region. Our HC has been very wise in modifying our daily practice schedule to take into account that we’ve been going hard since July.

One thing he’s done that I like is: we no longer wear pads on Monday or Thursday— helmets only. On Tuesday and Wednesday, there is contact but it is limited to 5 minute periods. I prefer having the Scout D hold shields when we practice Team Offense. If they won’t (or can’t) hit by now, live practice is not going to help!

I’m also concerned about the beating that their bodies are taking. Thus, opening up the chances for injury during practice. I have always adhered to the adage that my HS coach used to use some 50 years ago: “If they’re going to get hurt, I’d rather it be on Friday night than Tuesday afternoon.” It’s why I’ve always been in favor of (very) limited contact during practice.

The thing that our HC hasn’t done that I like too is: our intensity level is still high and… we are still practicing the same amount of time that we always have. He has changed up the sequence of events during practice to keep things fresh and the kids focused. But, we’re out there for 2 hours and 25 minutes every Monday through Wednesday.

Good luck to those of you who are continuing your season! For those whose season has ended: get things cleaned up and put away; take some time away and then… be a Student of the Game in the off-season. If I can help, please let me know!