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Posted by admin January - 6 - 2024 - Saturday

Although I retired from being a high school Head Football Coach in 2015, I have continued to stay active in the game— both on the field and off. I have been a “consultant”, an analyst and have even been an assistant coach for 2 of my former players who took on head coaching jobs at area schools.

Off the field, my greatest joy is helping coaches who approach me with questions about something that I’ve written or recorded (dvd’s) that has found its way onto the internet. These young coaches appreciate my knowledge and experience. And, I appreciate them! Helping others is simply part of my dna as a Christian man.

Just 5 minutes before I decided to write a blog post for the first time in 2-3 years, I was reading about pass blocking schemes and the pin ‘n pull running play. Why? Because I love coaching and I desire to be “on top” of the things that are going on in the sport. It’s my hobby. I don’t where I heard it for the first time– it was years ago– but the following statement has always stuck with me. It is a key to success! Here it is: “be a student of the game.” Never stop learning. Never stop seeking more and better information that will help you grow as a coach and as a person. What’s the old axiom? “When you stop growing, the next step is: you begin to rot!” Ugh!

There is always something that you can devote some study time to to better equip yourself to be the best you can be. Coach John Wooden’s definition of success is so important. “Success is peace of mind… in the knowledge that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of being!” I like having peace of mind. How about you?

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