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Happy Father’s Day!!!

Posted by admin June - 21 - 2015 - Sunday

To all of you guys out there— especially my coaching friends!— who read these posts, please remember this:

20 years from now, what will your players remember most about you?? How intense you were on the practice field and game sideline?— so much so, that it wasn’t fun to even be around you? OR… how loud and how frequently you yelled at them for noticing all of the mistakes they made? OR… for all of the times that they needed a male adult to just listen to their problem but, you were too busy doing scouting reports?

I hope it’s just the opposite. I hope your players 20 years from now will remember all of the encouragement you gave them. OR…they remember the time you spent just “being there” for them. OR, though, winning was important… you took the time to teach and show them that who (or Whose!) they are is more important than what they accomplish on the playing field.

As I’ve shared about what FCA’s 3D Coaching emphasizes about our role as coaches, capture the heart inside that jersey!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

One Response to “Happy Father’s Day!!!”

  1. Belated Happy Father’s Day to you as well Coach.

    Coach Riddick