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R U Cheating?

Posted by admin April - 5 - 2012 - Thursday

As my thoughts focus on Easter week-end, I am reminded of the series of sermons that our pastors just finished… thus the title of my entry this week! They asked the question every week for 7 weeks: “Are You Cheating?” In essence, this is saying that you are short-changing God, your family and yourself because you are running too fast to try and win the “rat race!” The problem is: do you know anyone who has ever won the rat race? Then, why do we compete in an unwinnable race? I think it’s because we’re all programmed to want the good life. The life that Madison Avenue tells us we need to strive for. This ficticious standard of living that we work our tails off to achieve. When we choose to try to win the rat race, fracture lines soon appear in our relationships and crumbling is not far behind. Unfortunately, all too often, men leave a trail of broken relationships when we pursue this “good life.” So, we end up cheating those closest to us and ourselves too!

According to our pastor, it all comes down to FOCUS. We need to focus on what’s most important. Why? First off, focus determines your purpose/dream in life. What is your purpose in coaching football? (I bet I know your “dream!”— to win a state championship!) My response to that would be a line from the movie Facing the Giants. The coach said to his players, “If winning football games is your chief purpose in playing football then your goal is too small!”

Focus also defines significance for our life. It goes hand in hand with what I just said. If you are attempting to gain your significance by being a championship football coach, then you are seeking a misdirected goal. You’re focusing too much on who you are instead of whose you are!

So what we need to do is determine the most important thing in our life. Pastor Jim said that there are 3 questions you must get answers to. They are:
1- Will I be SELF-centered or Christ-centered? In other words, WHO do I live my life for? I might add: your career doesn’t build significance. The World may tell you it does but, stop for a minute. Name the last 10 Secretary’s of State for the USA? Pretty significant job, isn’t it? Who were they?

2- Will I focus on character or comfort? Building and sustaining character takes a lot of work. It requires monitoring your behavior. One of my favorite Bible passages is in 2 Peter. To paraphrase, it says: Supplement your faith with a strong dose of moral excellence and self control. Self control will build endurance. All of this will end in love. It starts with faith and ends with love. You want a real challenge?! Try to live your life the way Jesus calls us to! I found that I needed His help (and His Helper) really fast.
3- Finally… will you be a giver or a taker? I am a little bit of an introvert. I have to get out of my comfort zone to really reach out to people… till I get to know them. I was often envious of people who I observed walking into a crowded room and immediately people there gravitated to that person. I guess they call that charisma. Then one day as I complained about not having that ability to “draw” people to me, the Lord impressed upon me that, “Lew… you are NOT a magnet. You are a honey bee!” huh???!!! As I thought about it, what He was telling me was: “Get out of your comfort zone. Stop being a “taken” and start being a “giver.” Get out there and meet and greet people. After a while, you’ll be able to share with them how much I (God) love them too!” What does God want to say to the world through you? What message does your life send?

On this Easter week-end, I think of the excruciating pain that Jesus went through to pay a price for me that I’ll never be able to repay! His death and resurrection set me free to live a life that (I try!) is pleasing to Him.

Happy Easter! and remember: HE’S ALIVE!!!

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  1. Ray Lowe says:


    Excellent words of wisdom! I so look forward to reading your post! God bless you and your family and your team!