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Posted by admin June - 8 - 2020 - Monday

I’ve been thinking (and praying) a LOT the past 10 days! As Charles Dickens said, “It’s been the best of times and it’s been the worst of times.” I turned 71 on Saturday… “Thank You, Jesus!” It’s been very exciting! Each day is a new opportunity to praise God for all of His blessings.

It’s also been a heart-breaking 10 days. To see that man die at the hands of a sociopathic police officer— who’s duty it is to protect and serve– sickened me. Then to see the rioting, looting and burning just made it worse. We’ve lost our way in this country. Why? Because too many people have left God (in the Person of Jesus Christ) out of their lives.

Let’s get personal. As coaches, what is our role? For me, nothing has changed. For some of you, it’s time to wake up! As Joe Erhrmann would say, “We ALL need to be 3D coaches.” If you are merely training your players to perform at their peak athletic performance level— and forgetting that there are other MORE important things you should be placing in your athletes’ lives— then shame on you! You are part of the problem and not the solution.

Our role as leaders and role models is to “train up a young man in the way he should go.” This includes helping him (or her) to mature emotionally and, most importantly, to grow spiritually.

What we are facing in this country is nothing short of a “spiritual crisis.” People have forgotten that “faith, hope and love” stand as the most important qualities in any person’s life. But…. “the greatest of these is LOVE!”

Love is still the governing principle that controls all that God and His people are and do!

Our role as coaches is to LEAD the next generation so that the ills that we are facing in our culture can be dealt with and cured.

If you have not read Joe Erhmann’s 3D Coaching, I strongly encourage you to get a copy and READ IT!! NO…. not just read it but APPLY it!!!

To paraphrase the Bible in 1st Corinthians 13, this is what it’s saying to coaches: “If I speak to my players in a way that motivates them to go out and dominate their opponents, but have not love, I am only an obnoxious clanging cymbal. If I coach up a team that wins championship after championship, but don’t teach them to love their brothers, then what good have I done? Even if I won every coaching award that is handed out and I don’t teach my players to stand up for equality and justice then of what worth am I?”

That pretty well sums up what YOUR role as a coach should be!!!

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