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Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Posted by admin April - 12 - 2017 - Wednesday

I’m borrowing a theme from Bob Gass ministries’ daily devotion book, “The Word For You Today.” I highly recommend it to you!

He talks about things that you have to overcome if you want to be succeed in life. He points out that “success usually comes at the end of a struggle; if it came easily, everybody would be experiencing it.” There are no shortcuts to success. You have to be willing to pay the price by spending the time and making yourself do the things that UN-successful people don’t like to do! You need to remember that anything’s value is determined by the price that you’re willing to pay. Lasting success doesn’t come cheaply.

One of the things that all of us need to overcome are our fears. What are you afraid of? I know that in my life for years it was the fear of failure… and the subsequent fear of rejection from others. The remedy is simple: “Face Your Fears!” but the motivation is usually lacking! Instead of fearing failure, your concern should be the opposite! You should be concerned about the regret over never trying!!!

Is fear of criticism a problem for you? As you do experience success, certain people are going to resent it and resent you!

I love the Bible story of Nehemiah, the man who God called to be the RE-builder of Jerusalem’s walls. He had jealous enemies who did not want to see him succeed in the project. They came up with all sorts of enticements for Nehemiah to stop work and come down off the walls. His response?? “I am doing a great work, so… I cannot come down.” Do not defer to the opinions of others— especially when you know you’re doing what God has put on your heart to accomplish! Stay up on your “wall.” Keep laying bricks— or whatever God has called you to do.

Advancement and success require us to persevere. You build that wall brick by brick. It won’t happen overnight. With time and consistent effort, great things can happen. Don’t let fear and doubt get in your way. Go for it!!!

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