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Posted by admin January - 3 - 2017 - Tuesday

I wonder how many other coaches are like me? I cannot watch a college game without “studying” what’s going on. I find myself “analyzing” what’s going on instead of just being a “fan” and enjoying the game! Life-long Learner, I guess! I’ve seen some things I really liked in this year’s bowl games and… some things that I just had to scratch my head and wonder “who thought that THAT would work?!!” Here are some general observations from watching at least some of ALL the bowl games:

1) Yes! DEFENSE does win championships! But… you better be able to move the ball and SCORE if you want to win! Case in point: Alabama. Enough said! Then, the Virginia Tech comeback. 4 of the 5 second half scores were “short-field” scores— set up by… yep: their defense!!! the Rose Bowl was verrrrrrrry entertaining— IF you like offense! Both teams struggled to stop the other from making big plays. Why don’t people take more downfield shots??!!

2) Will officials ever call offensive pass interference again? The “push-offs” by receivers are unbelievable! And the officials let them get away with it.

3) Let’s put a time limit on press box reviews! If the Review Official can’t decide in, what, 40 seconds… the play stands! Snoozer!!!

4) Special Teams play is taken very seriously by championship-level teams! I saw very few long kick-off or punt returns. Kickers and punters were solid and I’m not sure that I saw but 1 or 2 blocked kicks. Coaches: Spend the time and put the best personnel on the field to make your kicking game solid. It’ll pay off in a close game. Trust me! THAT’S the “voice of experience” speaking. We won our share over the years due to a play that occurred in the kicking game. Lou Holtz once said, “In a close game between 2 evenly matched teams, it usually comes down to a play in the kicking game that will determine the final score!” Truth!

5) Defenses have “caught up” with the spread uptempo offenses! What’s next out there?

6) Most Game Announcers have no clue what they’re talking about! If they call a Speed (or Jet) Sweep a “Flanker Reverse” one more time!!!! Whew!

7) “Trick” plays have a place in big games! I absolutely LOVED the “fumblerooski” play that SD State pulled off against ND State in the 1AA National quarterfinal game a couple of weeks ago! I think Auburn tried it last night… but screwed it up! We ran 3 trick plays in our state championship game last season. Two of the three worked and… both went for TD’s!!!

8) Spread teams need a goal line “package.” There is still a place for a little smash mouth football!

9) It ain’t how you start… it’s how you finish that determines the final outcome. And… don’t celebrate too soon! Your opponent may get the ball 1 more time. Once again, Penn State learned last night: The only thing that the “Prevent” defense prevents is: a victory!!! College QB’s will pick you apart if they have time to throw! Strategic blitzes are the only way to go!

Happy New Year everybody! and… Sark calling the ‘Bama offense won’t make a bit of difference! Alabama by 17 points!!! Yep… they’re THAT good!

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