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Clinics vs. Visits

Posted by admin January - 27 - 2020 - Monday

I have the honor of speaking at a Glazier Coaches Clinic this weekend. It is always a pleasure to meet and share with coaches who are hungry to learn and improve their craft. This is an encouragement to all of you to be a “Student of the Game!” One of the best ways to achieve that is to attend clinics. And… when you attend, you use it as an opportunity to learn! You accomplish that by attending the clinic sessions and not use it as a chance to party all weekend. There are some great speakers at the Glazier (and Nike) clinics. I know from experience that they are glad to sit and talk after their sessions… if you ask.

I also want to encourage you to visit other staffs as another means of being a “Student of the Game.” Select a staff that has been successful. Pick someone outside your district and go spend a day with them. Most people are flattered that you’d want to come to them for advice. You can get a lot done on a Friday afternoon/evening if you’re going there to just “talk football!” Find a staff that runs your offense or defense. Or, find a staff that coaches at a school with a similar socio-economic makeup. My dad used to call it going to “pick someone’s brain.” Take a whole list of questions and fire away. There is some great information to be garnered by sitting down with another HS coach.

And… offer to take the guy out to dinner when you’re done!

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