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Coming Back Stronger!

Posted by admin March - 12 - 2012 - Monday

That’s the title of Drew Brees’ autobiography. I just finished Coming Back Stronger and it’s an excellent read. I’d recommend it for any football fan. The subtitle is even better: “Unleashing the hidden power of adversity.” Now THAT’S an attention-grabber!

I like how the back cover describes Drew’s impact on the Saints AND the city of New Orleans: “A true inspiration on and off the field, Drew has become a symbol of hope— not just to the team and the city he helped resurrect, but to everyone who has ever been knocked to the ground. Drew’s invaluable insights on unleashing the hidden power of adversity are proof positive that with enough faith, determination and heart, you can overcome anything!”

His book’s Epilogue really summed up what Drew wants to say to everyone. He points out that “When I set out to write this book, my ultimate goal was not to get you excited about my career or the Saints…. My desire was to have you turn the last page and become excited about waking up tomorrow. You will undoubtedly have challenges ahead that you will have to face and overcome. But don’t forget that adversity is not your enemy. It can unleash a power in your life that will make you stronger and help you achieve amazing things.”

Brees concludes by saying that if he could sit down face to face with his readers, he’s want to share the following things with us:
1- Find a mentor. We all need someone who can keep us grounded.
2- Don’t give up. The worst thing is NOT getting knocked down… it’s getting knocked down and refusing to get back up!
3- Turn your defeats into triumphs. The greatest opportunities in life are the ones that test us the most.
4- Dream. Be a visioneer.
5- Hope. You have to have an object of hope if you’re going to come back from a setback. For Drew (and me) that object is the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Isaiah 40:31 says: “Those who HOPE in the Lord shall renew their strength!”
6- Be flexible. I tell our players all the time: we have to “adjust on the run.”
7- See adversity as an opportunity. God can use everything in your life for good… IF you trust Him with your life.
8- Don’t be afraid of taking a few steps back. A step back is not necessarily a setback. Sometimes you have to take a few steps backward before you can get the momentum to push forward.
9- Don’t speculate— be ready. When the next opportunity comes your way, make sure you have properly prepared yourself to seize the chance you’ve been given.
10- Remember who you are. God created each of us for a purpose. Seek Him and discover that purpose. Then… don’t let adversity stop you. Remember that faith will carry you through. The tests of adversity are fought with faith… in God and yourself (in THAT order!)
11- Finish strong. It’s not where you start in life, it is how you finish. Make your last rep your best rep.

Brees closes by saying, “Never forget that sometimes your greatest victories can come from your greatest defeats. The next time adversity knocks on your door, stand up tall and do the right thing. You can do more than just survive. You can come back— stronger.” Truer words, never spoken. I highly recommend this book!

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