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Congrats on New HC Position

Posted by admin January - 8 - 2016 - Friday

I am a proud (retired) HC today. I found out earlier this morning that my DC was hired to be the new HC at a big public school in Virginia Beach. He deserves it! Congratulations JC.

This is an example of someone who “properly prepared” for his interviews and went after it in the right way. Many of the points I have shared on this blog, Justin put into practice. Obviously, it worked out well for him. Rarely do you find a 26-year-old assistant with only 5-6 coaching experience even be considered for a head job… let alone get it!! He did something right to impress the committee.

Justin is a “Student of the Game.” He devours football material like it’s popcorn… he can’t get enough of it! I’m sure his football knowledge impressed the selection committee. More than that, his passion for the game is easily seen by anyone who knows anything about football. Notice this though: He knows that the “game” is not just X’s and O’s. It’s about people. First and foremost are the young men he will be coaching. Second will be the staff that he hires to work with him. But, it goes further. It’s the administrators and parents he will have to work with. Justin is a “people person.” He communicates well and strives to get along with others. That doesn’t mean that he’s a “push-over” though. He has his philosophy well-ingrained in his mind and he will live by it.

Finally, he is a man of faith. Being a good example to young people today requires you to be a “3D” person—physically, emotionally and spiritually mature. He’s got a challenge ahead of him. It’s a school with some athletes in it. His first job is to motivate those guys who haven’t been playing football to come out to the weight room this winter/spring and give it a try. Justin is going to meet some obstacles. His spiritual strength will carry him through the rough waters and on to big things. You’re going to hear a LOT about this young man!!!

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