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That heading up above there is the first line to an old Michael W. Smith Praise song from the late 80’s/early 90’s. I’ve always thought that the theme behind the words is sooooo true! When we are part of God’s family, no matter how long or how far apart we may be from friends… IF we are God’s adopted children (John 1:12) then there is always a connection! I’ve had that reaffirmed in recent weeks and then fully discovered it today!

I attended the Chesapeake Sports Club monthly luncheon today…. for the first time as a member and not just a guest! I visited last year when the Club was kind enough to induct me into their Legends of Honor Hall of Fame. I decided last month that it was time to “reconnect” with friends from my old Great Bridge High School days! I guess as I get older, I start looking back as much as I look ahead. I realized that those people who were my high school friends were very important to me. What a blessing to have lunch with a bunch of them today! We reminisced and laughed for an hour. Good times! Two guys who I played football with in high school were honored posthumously today. It was a reality check for me. I thank God every day for giving me a new day to spend with others… my family; my church family; my NSA family and friends (old and new!) like you!!!

Another old friend gave me a ride over and back. We led a Bible Study for athletes when both of us were at Western Branch High School back in the 80’s. We started sharing and talking about the “good old days” and it was like we hadn’t missed a beat. He is a real Brother-in-Christ and it just confirmed again that what Michael W. Smith sang about is soooooo true!

So I’m waxing nostalgic today. Between reconnecting through the Sports Club and “friending” a bunch of old friends on Facebook, it just reminds me how much God has blessed me throughout the years. Cherish your friends. They deserve all of the love and respect you can give them! OK?!!

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  1. Rick Lawrenson says:

    Glad to be one of those friends!