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Have A “System!”

Posted by admin December - 17 - 2019 - Tuesday

Remember a few years ago when the “Smart People” said that “So and So’s QB is just a System player. He’ll never succeed in the NFL!” Wrong! They were mocking the Mike Leach’s; Lincoln Riley’s and Urban Meyer’s of the college football landscape.

NOW… everyone is saying: “HAVE a ‘System.” I’ve been saying that on here for years. I’m a Wing T guy— always have been; always will be. Tubby Raymond (who kinda “invented” this offense) called it a System of Offense since its founding.

I see unsuccessful coaches who flounder because they DON’T have a system. They keep looking for answers. When something doesn’t work in a week or so, they give up and move on to the next “best” thing.

A note of interest: 2 of the 6 state champions in Virginia football this year run the Split-back Veer as their base offense!!! Reallllllllly???!!! Don’t those coaches know that the Split-back Veer went out of style back in the 70’s??? I guess not. The coach, whom I know well, who won our Division 4 state championship with the Split-back Veer doesn’t give a flip that he runs an “antique”/out of date offense. It works. He knows it. His staff knows it. His players know it and… they believe in it. Their school has been running it since (yep!) the 70’s!! And they were young this year. They’ll probably win the state in their division again next year! And… I bet he won’t change offenses!!!

Find an offense AND defense that fit your program. Study it! Learn it! Teach it! But… most importantly: STICK WITH IT!!!

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