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Keep Treading and Trusting!

Posted by admin May - 6 - 2010 - Thursday

You’ll notice a common thread throughout the Bible. When we really need Him, God shows up and does for us what we can’t do by ourselves. The rest of the time, which is most of the time, He strengthens us and says: “keep treading and trusting.” I’ve learned that there’s no magic carpet. To achieve anything worthwhile, you have to walk it out in faith— step by challenging step.

Most of you know about Job and the trials he faced. The Book of Job in the Old Testament has 42 chapters. In the first 41, Job lived through the loss of his health, his wealth and his family. With friends like Job had, he didn’t need any enemies! His doubts were relentless. Over and over he questioned God but got only silence for an answer. He persevered through tough days and sleepless nights believing, “When I’m tried, I will come forth as gold” (see Job 23:10)

Notice: 1- It takes fire to produce gold. 2- Only the Refiner knows the degree of heat and amount of time required to purify the gold. 3- To rush the process is to produce something of lesser value.

God told the Israelites, as they prepared to enter the Promised Land, that every place the soles of their feet trod, He would give to them. But, think about what they had to go through for 40 years “in the fire” to get to that point!

C.V. White said, in effect, that, “The man who succeeds never waits for the crowd. It takes nerve, it takes a lot of grit, but the man who succeeds has both! Success is the accomplishment of that which people think can’t be done!”

Complacency, fatigue, criticism and discouragement are hurdles you must constantly overcome. So, keep “treading and trusting.”

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  1. Joe Bremer says:

    Coach –

    A wise and inspirational post……enjoy all of your postings……they are full of wise and thought provoking advice!!!!