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Posted by admin March - 10 - 2010 - Wednesday

Coaches: I may be too late on this suggestion for some of you… but I was thinking about some of the “Little Things” that I bring out in my book that deal with the Off-season. One of them is Off-season staff meetings and… the topics that should be discussed. I recommend a monthly meeting (once a month) for the next 3 months to start planning ahead for the summer and pre-season. Our first meeting is always talking about Offense… since I’m the HC AND the OC!— I get first dibs on subjects!!!

The thought occurred to me that there may be some of you out there who are in the position I was in 1989. I’d been HC for 4 seasons and the best we’d done was 6-4 in the 3rd year but then fell back to 4-6. I knew that what we were trying to do on offense just wasn’t working. “A little of this and a little of that”… nothing solid that we could say was OUR offense. To make a long story short, a coaching friend of mine put my on to the Del. Wing T offense and, as they say, the rest is history! We went 5-5 and then 6-4 the first 2 years (till the staff and I became totally immersed in it and “sold” it to the kids. We even started painting our helmets with the Delaware Wings!) then for the next 17 years, we won almost 80% of our games. At one point, we had a 32 straight regular-season game winning streak.

What am I saying: coaches… if you are looking for the “answer” for your offensive problems, I would HIGHLY recommend that you go to the Delaware Wing T offense. I spent 5 hours last Friday evening then 9 hours on Saturday taping dvd’s for Championship Productions on “Back To the Basics”… an in-depth look at the traditional (original) Del. Wing T offense.

There is plenty of information out there right now, though… you don’t need to wait on the distribution of my dvd’s. If you’ve never checked it out, go to coach Bryan Schaumloffel’s website and check it out… particularly the Message Board. There is no better group of coaches who are willing (and highly qualified) to answer your questions about the Del. Wing T and all of the “derivations” that have sprung from the traditional system.

If I can help you, feel free to email me by hitting the CONTACT button on the dashboard at the top of this page. I love to talk about 2 things: the Lord and football!

God bless you,

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