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“PROPER Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!”

Posted by admin June - 25 - 2019 - Tuesday

Coaches: This will be short and sweet. If you do not have (at least) an outline of every pre-season practice already mapped out, you are risking failure for this upcoming season!

The biggest downfall of most coaches is: lack of organization. The second is: lack of discipline! The 2 go hand-in-hand. You need to set certain expectations for your staff, your players and yourself! However, those expectations/standards mean nothing if you lack the discipline (and fortitude) to carry them out.

One discipline that all leaders need is: to be organized! Plan out in advance your schedule for the fall. As I opened with, you should already have a plan for what you are going to do every day/practice starting in August. If not, hopefully this post will motivate you to get it done this week!

Use the age-old strategy of “working from the end back to the front” if you don’t know where to start! List the date of your opening game. Then list the things that you want installed by that opening game. Then… start working backwards— to your opening practice. You can always modify the schedule if something comes up. You need a plan! And you need it NOW!

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