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Posted by admin March - 15 - 2016 - Tuesday

Two events have happened recently which reminded me why I remain optimistic about our country and its future.
First.. I was invited to speak to the Youth Group at a local church last week. It was made up of kids mostly from lower income neighborhoods. They were polite, attentive and seemed eager to hear what I had to share with them. I talked about a passage from the New Testament where young people are told “not to let anyone look down on you because you are young. But, set an example for everyone to see.” I was encouraged… because I felt as I finished speaking that those young people were “up for” accepting the challenge— in their church, in their school, in their home and in their neighborhood. A very gratifying night!

Second… I spent about 4 hours yesterday with the new head coach who’s replacing me at the school at which I just retired. He’s young (28 or so) and it’s his first head coaching experience. Yet as he shared his ideas about his offense, defense, etc. AND his coaching philosophy and how he’ll organize things… I came away thinking: “Our football program is in gooooooooood hands!” This young man knows football. More importantly, he knows how to treat people and is clear about HOW he wants things done. Here was the second time in a week that I was inspired by what I saw (and heard!) a young person share with me.

That Bible passage that I mentioned goes on to say, “Be diligent in these matters (how you present yourself to others… particularly people who are older than you)… so that everyone may see your progress.” Be DILIGENT! As Prime Minister Churhill challenged the citizens of Great Britain during WW II: “Never give up!!! and… never give in!” We’re going to face obstacles. We’re going to make mistakes. We’re not always going to take the “high road” and present ourselves in the best light. BUT… the first thing you do is ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG! (Sometimes the two strongest words you can share with someone is: “I’m sorry.”) and then you refocus your efforts to be an example for others. Let eveRyone SEE YOUR PROGRESS. Never give up and never give in!!!

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