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Posted by admin March - 2 - 2010 - Tuesday

It all starts at the top! As the head coach, you set the tone. If you want to achieve something (i.e., staff unity), YOU have to make sure that you are setting the example that you want everyone else to follow.

I have commented before about principles of warfare in game planning. If you want to learn about principles of leadership, there is no better place to go than to find manuals from the United States Marine Corps. Nobody does it better.

The Bible is pretty clear about principles of leadership too. It comes down to your desire and, thus, you ability to learn to work with others. The most effective head coaches are those who know how to work with people! Not “users” who burn through others and then discard them. Not “prima donnas” who manipulate them for their own purposes. Not “ranch bosses” who herd others around like cattle.

You need to develop a “heart” (and by that I’m talking about an inner desire— not something superficial) to honor other people. You should strive to be a HC who looks to recognize and develop the talent in those under you… on your staff and the players on your team. You need to reward them appropriately, encourage them to rise to their full potential and when the day comes, send them off better prepared for their next assignment.

So… why don’t we do this? Why are we reluctant to engage in teamwork? Because team-building is tough, and the more talented the team members, the tougher it is.

The true measure of a leader is not getting people to work; neither is it getting them to work hard. The true measure of a leader, in my opinion, is getting people to work hard together.

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