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Posted by admin July - 22 - 2020 - Wednesday

If you’re like me and you are “starved” for some sporting events to watch (that are not college bowl games from 5 years ago!) then I have a show for you! I recorded it so I’m going to watch it again and take notes. It was on the SEC Network last night. The series is called SEC Storied. The episode was about Coach Steve Spurrier… not the “Old” Ball Coach but, the “HEAD” Ball Coach— he corrected the interviewer a couple of times!

I’ve never been a big Spurrier fan. When he was at Florida, I rooted for Florida State. So, I was really glad when Nebraska (who I also liked) crushed Florida in the National Championship game in ’96. This show, however, cast Coach Spurrier in a different light. If you are the type who studies other successful coaches for tips to help you and your program, then you need to find and record this show. I was amazed at the job he did— not just at Florida but later at South Carolina. Did you know that USC won 11 games for 3 straight seasons while Spurrier was there??!! They didn’t win 11 games total while our son was there as an undergraduate in the late 90’s!

One thing that jumped out at me was how many people said that Coach Spurrier was actually a really humble guy! I never saw that in his public demeanor. Whether it was “running it up” in a game— and his histrionics on the sideline— or his snarky comments during interviews, I did not find him to be very appealing. What I did not see, though, was the confidence that he instilled in his players. I believe it was former Tennessee Head Coach Phillip Fulmer who said during the show that “Coach Spurrier not only motivated his players but… he inspired them.”

Your players are going to reflect your personality. What you model is what they are going to exhibit. Keep that in mind as you prepare for your season. In Virginia, it’s not going to be until January. No football this fall!

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