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Transactional or Transformational Coach?

Posted by admin May - 7 - 2013 - Tuesday

I am still processing all that I learned at that F.C.A. Conference in Baltimore that I wrote about here last week. WOW!!!

Another speaker we had is someone I have admired for 5-6 years— since I read Jeffrey Marxx’s book, Seasoon of Life, about this man: Joe Ehrmann. I bought Joe’s new book while at the conference and had it on my bedside table ready to pick up and read soon when…. a coaching friend emailed me to say he had just finished one of the most important books on coaching that he’d ever read. It is Joe’s new book: InSideOut Coaching! With THAT endorsement, I had to start it last night. I only got through the Intro and first 2 chapters but it’s already had a profound affect on me. God used that book to encourage me to get up at 12:30 am last night and email one of my players. The player has been dealing with some issues and God put it on my heart to send him a note of encouragement. Being “led by the Spirit” is what the Bible says. Joe’s book was what God used to get me out of bed and writing!

The question he poses in the Introduction is what my title is today: Are YOU a transactional coach or… a transformational coach? I’m hoping I can entice you to get a copy of the book so you can read in more depth. But… I want to challenge all of you to be “transformed” yourself and become a transformational coach. Joe points out the power that coaches hold over players— the influence that we have. He talks about his coaches and whether they were “transactional” (thinking of their own ego first; “using” players to meet their own needs) and led by the belief system of “coach first, team second and player’s growth and needs last, if at all, were their modus operandi.” Is that YOU???!!!

Transformational coaches, on the other hand, use their influence to help bring about positive change in their player’s lives. Sure, they want to win but not at the cost of ruining some teenager’s self esteem and/or concept. He says that transformational coaches “use their power and platform to nurture and transform players.”

This has reallllllllllly struck a cord in my heart. It is really what this blog has been about for a long time. If you’re a Christian, impacting your player’s lives for Christ. If not, still having your player’s interests at the forefront of your coaching. I have been around BOTH types of coaches (played for some and have coached with some) and I want to tell you— if you’re not a Transformational coach, you need to take a hard look at your motives for coaching.

I’ll close with one question that Joe Ehrmann posed during his talk and I’m sure he’ll go into more in the book as I get into it. The question is: “What does it feel like to be coached by me?” Almost all of us have played a sport somewhere along the way. You have memories of that coach and have probably thought about what it felt like to be coached by him or her. Turn that around and do a little self-examination and ask yourself the question that Joe poses. Then go buy a copy of the book and… read it!

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