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Posted by admin December - 31 - 2010 - Friday

Even though it’s been Christmas vacation, I have gotten a great deal done as far as getting my new team up and running. I have met and/or called my new AD (who is a gem!!! I am very lucky to have her helping me) a dozen times. She’s always there to help. As a new coach, I need to know how things work at the school and then make recommendations as to what is possible as far as doing things “my way”— without rocking the boat. If traditions are in place, I’m not going to end them. They are a part of the school’s success and pride.

Another focal point is: I’ve started interviewing for coaching positions. Two hold-overs from the previous staff are going to provide knowledge and a sense of continuity. They both answered a lot of questions when I met with them. I shared my expectations and how I will run things and both were very receptive. I’m waiting to hear from the 3rd coach from the previous staff. I’ve also got a bead on a couple of other guys whom I’ve worked with before that I’ve offered a spot. I’ve set a deadline of having my staff in place by the end of January. We will then start meeting once a month in the spring to get the ball rolling.

The other focus is meeting the players. I went by a JV basketball practice last week and the coach was nice enough to give me 90 seconds to introduce myself and encourage everyone to come out for football next year. That visit already has had positive repercussions. It’s important to “see and be seen” in and around school. I will be attending other teams’ practices and games. I had lunch yesterday with the veteran juniors/rising seniors. A great bunch of guys. We ate and talked and had some good ideas spring from the conversations. The main thing I wanted from that meeting was 1) that they “see” my vision for the program and how I will run things and 2) find out from them what team goals they have for next year. I can build on those to create a Season Goals chart/poster which will hang in the locker room all season.

School starts back up on Monday and I will meet with the Strength and Conditioning Coach to see what kind of program he has in place for the football players. That weight program is a KEY element to our success. I hear that this guy is very good… so I’m excited to see what he has going for our kids.

Happy New Year everyone!

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