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Posted by admin July - 22 - 2015 - Wednesday

I was just introduced to a great book by Jon Gordon, Training Camp. This should be required reading by every coach and player! Gordon calls it “A fable about Excellence.”

The inside jacket cover says of Training Camp: “Gordon reveals the deep truths and proven strategies that take the very best to the top. Training Camp reveals that the best performers— in any field— all share the same qualities…. these (traits) are not inborn traits; they’re skills and attitudes that can be learned and applied by all. If you want to be your best, Training Camp offers inspiring, real-life wisdom on what it takes to reach true excellence and how you and your team… can achieve it.”

I’m going to replace my tradition of the Word of the Week with examining the 11 traits that Gordon explains are the traits that the best of the best utilize to get to and stay at the top. Each one will be my focus with our team each week as we prepare for Friday’s game.

Check it out. It’s a good story (NFL undrafted free agent rookie trying to make the team) that is entertaining and inspiring!

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