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Why I am Voting AGAINST Barack Hussein Obama

Posted by admin October - 29 - 2012 - Monday

It was inevitable!

I have tried to keep my opinions to myself as far as where I stand with the impending presidential (and other) elections next week. But, in the last few days, I’ve been asked several times: “Who are you voting for?” After much careful consideration, here is who I am voting for (against!) and why I’ve selected that candidate.

It can best be said this way: I am not voting for Mitt Romney as much as I am voting against Barack Hussein Obama. I am not a registered Republican. I am a Conservative and a Spirit-filled Christian. Mr. Obama is about as far to the “left” as I am to the “right”— when looking at our political, social, economic, military and religious stances.

Mr. Obama’s world view is diametrically opposite mine. He possesses a liberal, left-wing view with socialism being his means of governing. I believe in capitalism and denounce this “entitlement” attitude that the government has perpetuated into this nanny state in which we now live. I also find the socialized medicine bill, known as Obamacare, to be repugnant. It’s one more (giant) example of how our federal government wants to control all aspects of our lives. The government is there to “protect and defend”… not to dictate and control every facet of our life.

From a Christian perspective, I had someone ask rather derisively, “Well, then, how can you vote for a Mormon?!” My response was similar to what a friend shared with my wife, “I am not voting for a spiritual leader. I already have one. His Name is Jesus Christ. I am looking for someone to lead this country politically.” Romney and the Republicans come much closer to accomplishing this than do the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama. I concur with Billy Graham’s statement that has been published in newspapers across the country. Dr. Graham says: “I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel.” The Democratic platform does not stand for biblical principles.

The bottom line is this. I asked myself these 2 questions: 1- “Are we better off now than we were when Mr. Obama won the last election? (For example, why have gas prices at the pump nearly doubled?!)” and 2- “Can this country stay the world leader that it is if Mr. Obama returns for a second term as president?” My answer to both questions is a resounding “no!” His policy of pacifying our Terrorist enemies and creating even more debt to pay for his “nanny state” hand-outs are two examples of how he is leading us down the road to being a second-rate nation.

I am concerned about the world I am leaving my children and granddaughter. I have seen my individual freedoms slowly eroded over the last 3-4 years to meet the “needs of the people.” This is socialism. This country was founded on a Constitution that provides and protects our right to live in a free society. I believe that the Democratic candidate finds this antithetical to his view of how this country should be governed. His vision is that this country be steered toward the “European socialism” model of government. The Republican candidates for both President and Senator in Virginia will attempt to redirect this stance.

The bottom line is this: I simply cannot vote for a candidate who does not possess the same value system that I do. This is why I will be voting against Barack Hussein Obama and voting for Mitt Romney and George Allen next week.

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  1. Joe Bremer says:

    Coach –

    As usual, you are “spot on”with your assessment of the presidential candidates.

    Here’s hoping that, one week from tomorrow, we have a new president elect!!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Joe Bremer

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